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How to Submit a Site

Before suggest your site for Yonola Free Directory, please read our Submission Guidelines.

Step 1

Make sure that your site is not in our directory yet. Any repeated suggestion of a submitted site will be rejected.

Step 2

Choose one category that suits your site best. To do it, go to the home page and select the most suitable category either manually or using our search. A site suggested for an unsuitable category will be removed. If you can not find a suitable category then please select the parent directory you want for your new category, go to it and suggest your site there. Specify the name of the new category in the Suggest a category field. If our editor decides that such a category is actually needed, it will be created and your site will be listed in that new category. If our editor decides that there is no need in the new category, your site will be listed in the current category.

Step 3

Use the "Submit Now" link, select the most suitable variant of suggestion for the site and fill out the offered form with the information about your site. The information about the site must have a brief title and a comprehensive description for a user to easily find your site. While filling out the fields, follow the rules accompanying them.

Please return to the homepage and identify the most relevant category for your website and use the "Submit Now Button" middle right navigation link.

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